NMB High Efficiency

NMB High Efficiency
Item Description
1.1 Inner rotor
1.2 Outer rotor
1.3 Can

NMB High Efficiency


The NMB series is used successful in many applications worldwide. The can is made from PTFE-seal insulated rings and a slotted outer can, what reduces EC-losses to a minimum. They are designed for increased safety and energy savings. Thus they can handle large motor torques, high speed and high pressure.


  • Magnetic coupling for applications acc. to API 685 (similar to API 610)
  • Hermetically sealed
  • No contact of torque transmitting elements
  • No maintenance necessary
  • High efficiency can (Insulated rings and slotted outer can) for lowest eddy current losses (approx. 2 % of motor power)
  • Increased safety and energy savings compared to solid Hastelloy® cans
  • Sliding bearing optional

Operating range

Pressure: p = 45 bar (653 PSI)
Temperature: t = -40 °C ... +250 °C (-40 °F ... +482 °F) (SmCo),
+120 °C (+248 °F) (NdFeB)
Torque: 18 … 1,879 Nm


Magnets: Samarium cobalt (MA3),
Neodymium iron boron (MA8)
Metal parts: CrNiMo-Steel 1.4401/1.4436,
PTFE Polytetrafluorethylen (T)

Standards and approvals

  • API 685

Functional description

The power transmission occurs contact-free through magnets from the drive shaft to the product wetted output shaft. Between the two rotating parts is the can which is bolted to the container.


Different variants are available to meet specific requirements:

  • Version with integrated sliding bearing
  • Dry running roller bearing
  • High temperature variant